Disc Harrow

The disc harrow is used with tractors and is suitable for crushing soil before ploughing and hoeing after ploughing.It has the characteristics of reasonable structure, sturdy and durable, and convenient transportation.

Rotary tiller

Rotary tiller is a machine used in with tractors. It has reliable quality and excellent performance and is suitable for dryland and paddy field operations.

Corn Planter

The corn planter is sown by gravity, does not damage the seeds, and has a uniform amount of sowing. The main sowing soybean, cotton, peanut oil sunflower, etc., are used in one machine.

Farm Trailer

The agricultural trailer has a variety of specifications of 0.5-15 tons. The product is simple in structure, beautiful in appearance, economical and durable, and can be used with a variety of tractor models.

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What can the disc harrow do?

  • Used for the soil after ploughing in dry land

  • Used for the soil before sowing and the weeding

  • Used for the shallow ploughing and stubble operation after harvest

  • Used in the field management of orchard and straw

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What Are Our Main Products

From April 1 to April 2, 2019, the chairman of a well-known South African company, visited Shandong BIATRACTOR Development Co., Ltd (hereinafter refered to as “BIATRACTOR”) and reached a consensus on the cooperation between the two parties. Read More>>

Disc Harrow has absorbed the advantages of foreign advanced products of the same kind. According to standard design, the whole machine adopts combined structure, with Integral Rigid Harrow frame as the main body It is equipped with sealed rolling bearing with outer spherical surface and inner square hole for hydraulic lifting and transporting rubber wheel, spring leveling mechanism and disc Harrow Disc Harrow has the advantages of reasonable structure, strong and durable, convenient transportation, small turning radius, easy adjustment, maintenance and so on. Disc Harrow Plate is the main core components of disc Harrow, a disc harrow an important factor in the level of consolidation, the following we have a specific look at it Read More>>

BIATRACTOR has been engaged in the development of agricultural machinery Disk Harrow, disk plough, plow piece, loose soil shovel for many years. Accumulated more than 10 years of production experience, the main production of major tractor manufacturers supporting farming machinery, planting machinery, harvesting machinery and its accessories, supporting machinery and Equipment Factory The main products are disc Harrow, disc plow, mower, Rotary Tiller, moldboard plow, deep tiller and farm machinery accessories, such as Harrow piece, plow piece, loose soil shovel, harrow tooth, sugarcane knife. The above series of products have complete specifications, excellent performance and reliable quality. Read More


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