Project Description

Two-way disc plough products are mainly used for tillage on dry cultivated or fallow land. They not only have thee function of ordinary disc plough, but also have the characteristics of short adle distance of travel on the edge of fields, high productivity, low oil consumption etc. They are also suitable for working on terraced fields and small piece farming land.

TYPE 1LY(SX)-325 1LY(SX)-425 1LY(SX)-525 1LY(SX)-625
Working Width(mm) 750 1000 1250 1500
Working Depth(mm) 250-300
No.of Disc (PC) 3 4 5 6
Dia of Diac (mm) 660
Weight (kg) 700 800 900 1000
Linkage Type 2 three point mounted
Matched Power 65-80 80-100 100-120 120-160

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