It features the functions of breaking the bottom layer of plough, restoring the structure of the surface layer of soil, improving the ability of soil water storage and moisture conservation, eliminating some weeds, reducing diseases and insect pests, leveling the surface and improving the operation standard of agricultural mechanization.

Light harrow: breaking up the soil after plowing, preparing the soil before sowing, loosening the soil and destroying stubble;
Medium harrow: After tillage, broken clay and light and medium soil are replaced by harrow tillage, and stubble is eliminated before tillage.
Heavy harrowing: open up wasteland, destroy stubble before tillage, harrow after tillage, loosen soil, and replace tillage with harrow.

When the disc plough is pulled forward by the tractor, the disc rotates around its central axis. The soil around the disc is cut. The tillage ridge rises along the concave surface of the rotating disc and turns to the rear side. After tillage, the furrow is left. Its tillage effect is the same as that of the bamboo plough, but its tillage quality is not as good as that of the bamboo plough.